Into the Puckerbrush

I spent a few days battling wind and heavy rain in the Owyhee high country last weekend. The side roads out here are epic if you know how to get around. Rough 2-track became barely-discernible single track. A pair of creek crossings. Several downed trees. Stumbled across this little gem just before sundown. Unknown reservoir, […]

Big Nasty Hill Climb

Originally published in the Boise Weekly:Photo courtesy of Aptly named, the Big Nasty Hill Climb returned to Pence Ranch near New Plymouth, Idaho Sept. 16-18 for its ninth iteration. For the uninitiated, here’s a Big Nasty Hill Climb primer: competitors navigate high-powered dirt bikes—many with custom modifications—up a very steep, rocky, rutted-out hillside. Those […]

Idaho Bird Observatory

Originally published in the Boise Weekly: This quick out-and-back trip will take you to one of the best viewpoints in Southern Idaho. At the summit of Lucky Peak—the peak, not the dam—lies the Idaho Bird Observatory, which is run by Boise State’s Department of Biological Sciences. This facility serves as the primary field research hub […]

Silver City & Cow Creek

Originally published in the Boise Weekly: I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but in my 28 years in Idaho, I had never visited Silver City until this past weekend. With the trip now under my belt, my shame has turned to guilt for having missed out on this alpine treasure for all those years. […]

Wickahoney Camp & the Bruneau Hot Springs Area

Originally published in the Boise Weekly: When exploring the remote areas of southwest Idaho’s Owyhee County, you cannot be too prepared. Much of the county is prone to erratic weather, unforgiving conditions and poor signage. It’s very easy to get lost and can be very difficult to get out if something goes wrong. Most of […]

Boise Ridge Road

Originally published in the Boise Weekly: Proximity to the foothills is certainly one of the most coveted perks for residents of the Treasure Valley. Without these subtle gatekeepers looking over us, life in Boise might be pretty sub-par. While most folks probably know Bogus Basin, Lucky Peak and Highway 55, considerably fewer might be familiar […]

Pearl, Idaho

Originally published in the Boise Weekly: Over the next several months, I’ll be hitting the trail to report on the best outdoor adventure spots in the great state of Idaho. These reports will hopefully provide unique insight into the lifestyle and history of some of the most scenic parts of the Gem State, while shedding […]