Chasing Snow

Here’s an expanded write-up on the first couple of rides of 2014, including Cuprum, the Kleinschmidt Grade, 10 Mile Creek and Garden Valley: Just over 12 months since I tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Lateral Meniscus, broke my leg, and severely damaged virtually every other structure in my right knee, I’m thrilled to report […]

10 Mile Creek, Garden Valley and Round Valley

Here are a few pics from my Memorial Day weekend ride from Rocky Canyon to 10 Mile Creek to Garden Valley to Round Valley. We were the first ones to make it all the way over road 670 in 2014, as evidenced by the previously untouched snowpack in several places on the ridge. Total ride: […]

Placerville, Garden Valley, Round Valley

Originally published in the Boise Weekly: With roughly 30,000 miles of two-track and dirt roads in Idaho, stringing together some epic exploratory routes is not terribly difficult. This particular ride was a real gem because it was remote but connects several desirable recreation spots that many people assume are only accessible via major paved arterial […]